About Insulated Concrete Forms

ICF are expanded polystyrene foam blocks (EPS) which can be used to build basements, slabs, driveways, and walls. ICF have panels that are connected by polypropylene webs. These webs are also what serve as an attachment point for your sheetrock or siding. Each form easily interlocks with adjacent forms to create walls. The stacked form walls are then filled with concrete. They come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate various design plans. ICF walls can be finished just like any frame-construction project. However, when you choose ICF over traditional frame-construction, you have a more solid, better insulated building. Ask one of our certified NC ICF installers any questions you have regarding installation and uses of ICF.

Below-Grade Walls and Footing

We are a one-stop shop for complete foundation and basement installation systems. Waterproofing makes ICF the ideal product for below-grade construction: footing, basements, foundations, and sealed crawlspaces. We use waterproofing membranes and companion products to protect our below-grade concrete construction. Our stay-in-place footing system provides superior drainage, ensures level installation of walls, and reduces material and labor costs. Our knowledgeable staff uses the best products to expertly install waterproofing, footing, and below-grade construction. Please visit our ICF products page for more detail.