Below-Grade Construction

Any portion of a structure dug into the ground is referred to as ‘below grade’. Basements and footings are two examples. Underground construction can be susceptible to problems caused by ground moisture and other environmental changes. If these components of your building are not protected by a high-quality waterproofing system, they could be subject to some kind of water damage. Over time, significant damage can go unnoticed until it becomes irreparable.

Basements, Footings, and Waterproofing

Our years of experience have taught us critical lessons about below-grade construction. As a result, we believe we have the perfect solution for handling all such problems. One big part of this solution is the Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) walls that we use. Made of polystyrene foam blocks, they are extremely well insulated to begin with. And when we apply our waterproofing membrane to the exterior, basement walls become nearly impervious to all ground moisture.

Footings installed by us have a stay-in-place character which inhibits any kind of motion. This assures a level foundation for any structure built above. Because our system also promotes maximum drainage away from the footing, it’s not subject to the kind of erosion or wearing that other types of footings might be. Labor and material costs are also significantly less with our approach to footing installations, so if you’re trying to economize on building costs, we can help you there too.

The ICF Home Solution

We want to be your ICF contractor and green builder of choice. Ask us about our BUNDLED RATES which include competitive pricing for basements, footers, walls, and waterproofing. We look forward to hearing from you. We are here to help!

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